Lehmann Arthur

First year computer engineering student

About me

A small introduction about myself

Arthur Lehmann

EPSI computer engineering student

First year engineering student, I'm looking forward to work with various development companies.

During my first internship I'm working along with biologist researchers, I discovered the true meaning of "computers are everywhere". Every company, big or small, needs an IT solution which can fit their different purposes.

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Technical Skills


Including RCP/RAP Eclipse technologie


Essential WEB knowledges; AngularJS, Jquerry


Network management; IPv4, routing, DNS, DHCP


Newest iProgramming language


C# is one of the best Windows programming language


Data Base management, inculding; MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server. And also UML / Merise

Work Experience

My previous associations

2015 to 2018



I develop Softwares for researchers, helping them to manage samples in laboratories. And with a goal to lower animal sacrifice

to March


Web Developement

I created a web application, mobile oriented, with the most popular JavaScript framework, AngularJS. This application included Leaflet, the mobile friendly interactive map. This is application is design to be used by people who are taking public transportation. It gives information to travellers about any services near by.

to july

CNRS (Institute of Human Genetics)

First experience

Creating of a web application. Active Directory user management through PHP and MySQL DB. This application manage the entry of the exposition by the researchers, to different toxic products whom they need for their experiences

Education & Diplomas

What I have done in my academic career


2 years technical degree


I passed a 2 years computer technical degree with my school


Starting Engineer school


I started the first year absolutly convinced that it was the path I would follow during the next five years. And here we are, second year at EPSI, and my thoughts haven't changed at all!

July, 2013

Bachelor DEGREE

Mermoz Hight School

That's where I knew I would do an IT school. I worked on various informatic projetcs during hight school, these help me find my way when I wasn't so sure about what to do after HS.

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